What situations require legal help?

tie-690084_1280In some situations, calling a lawyer for legal help is obvious: if you are arrested, are filing for divorce, have been in a major car accident, or are charged with a crime for instance. Similarly there are a plethora of situations where you may not need specific legal counsel. But it is important to remember that people hire lawyers for many different reasons in a variety of situations.

The primary question you need to ask if you are going to contact a lawyer is: “what is at stake?” If a case or situation is likely to affect or has affected your personal finances, liberties, or personal health and well-being, it is reasonable to ask for legal help. However, something like a single speeding ticket, while still interaction with the law, may not require legal assistance.

At Collier & Collier, we focus our practice on a range of personal injury cases, including cases that involve automobile accidents, such as car accidents, truck accidents, boat accidents or motorcycle accidents. In these situations it is abundantly appropriate to seek advice and legal help at our firm.

Lawyers can also be extremely helpful in maintaining your peace of mind in the process of drafting a will, pursuing adoption, or drafting a business contract by giving educated counsel.

A great rule of thumb is that in situations where you feel you cannot resolve the situation by yourself, it is likely appropriate to contact a lawyer. You may be able to obtain a free consultation with a professional who will at least look into the matter and give you preliminary advice.

When should I contact a lawyer?

If you do decide that legal help is the best option in your situation, then it is normally best to contact a lawyer immediately. If you have been injured in an accident there may be certain time limits that you need to abide by when filing a lawsuit. These limits are known as statutes of limitation. They can be as short as a few weeks, and vary across state lines and situations. Additionally, many lawyers you hire will likely need time to prepare before any legal process, therefore enlisting one early on will give them ample time to build your case.

If you need the services of an experienced personal injury lawyer, contact our firm at 804-364-5200 for a free initial consultation.