Boating Accidents

Virginia Boating accident lawyerThe busy waterways often become crowded and dangerous when the traffic of commercial vessels and leisure boats combine.

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Any Injury on a Water Craft is Considered a Boating Accident.

Any injury that occurs on or with a boat, ship, ferry, wave runner, or jet ski is considered a boating accident. This includes slip and fall accidents, collisions with swimmers, and falls overboard.

Get Full Compensation for Your Boating Accident Injuries.

In the event of such injury, it is important to secure the experienced Richmond boat accident lawyers of Collier & Collier, P.C. as soon as possible. Our law firm will make sure you take the best step-by-step actions in an effort to get full compensation.

Don’t settle with the fast-acting insurance company. They will work quickly to settle the claim before you have the chance to assess all areas of possible injury, both medically and financially

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