Driving Safely Around Motorcycles in Richmond

With the weather warming up, you’re about to see a lot more motorcycles on the roads near Richmond, making it more important than ever to remain very attentive to your driving.

What would be a simple bumper tap between two cars–or even just a sudden stop with no collision–can be a tragic loss when one driver is on a motorcycle. Below, we’ve provided a few tips for safely driving around motorcycles in Richmond.

  • Keep a good distance: When riding behind a motorcycle, increase your distance. Rear-ending a motorcyclist could have tragic consequences.
  • When making left turns, look both ways for traffic… Then look a second time for bikers: Vehicles turning in front of motorcycles is the number one cause of fatal accidents for motorcycle riders.
  • Leave them room to swerve: Leave bikers as much space as possible. There are many things bikers need to swerve for, including potholes, debris, slick spots, etc. Give them as much room as possible.

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Source: drive-safely.net