4 Tips For Winter Motorcycle Driving

From 2011 to 2015, an average of about 800 Americans died a year in car wrecks because of snow, freezing rain, sleet or ice, according to an analysis of transportation data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. That means during the winter months it is more important than ever to adjust your driving routines and patterns to accommodate weather changes.

Here are some tips for driving a motorcycle around Richmond in wintry weather:

  • Slow Down – During winter months you are more likely to encounter ice, water, and other factors that will reduce the traction of your motorcycle. This means your following distance and braking distance should be adjusted, but also that your speed overall should be adjusted as well. In cold weather, your tires are going to be colder than normal and will contribute to less traction on the roadway.
  • Watch for Salt – Not only is salt corrosive and harmful to your ride, but it can also make the road a more uncertain place. A patch of thick salt could cause your tires to slip or even lead to a sudden jerk of the handlebars in some cases. Salt may also hide other obstructions like branches or cracks.
  • Know a Local Motorcycle Towing Service – Accidents happen and are more likely to happen in cold-weather riding due to, once again, lack of traction. Make sure you have a towing service that is readily available.
  • If there is a storm, get inside – Keep an eye on the forecasts, and if there’s even a threat of major snow, keep the bike home. Or buy a kit to create some studded snow tires.

Our Richmond motorcycle accident attorneys and their team of experts will take immediate action to establish driver fault, which may be attributed to such errors as tailgating, failure to check blind spots or misjudging speed. Our experts will also assess road conditions for problems with highway design, road signs, and traffic signals. Furthermore, we will inspect your bike and safety gear, making sure manufacturers met Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

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