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Mopeds v. Motorcycles

Mopeds are a popular commuter vehicle here in Richmond. Their low-profile size makes them easy to park, electric motors make them efficient and cheap to use, and they allow motorists to bypass several fees in the registration process. But what else does the DMV of Virginia have to say about mopeds? Registration and License: Mopeds are defined … Continue reading Mopeds v. Motorcycles

New Year, No DUI

The end of the year means more cocktail parties, gift exchange events and late-night get-togethers. These events will likely involve some amount of festive alcoholic beverages and, in turn, the risk of getting a DUI drastically increases during the holiday season. According to the NHTSA, during the Christmas and New Year period, the average number of … Continue reading New Year, No DUI

Blind to Danger

Few things are more nerve-wracking on the roads around Richmond than passing or driving near an 18-wheeler. The noise, the inherent sense of danger, and the size of the other vehicle make it a harrowing experience. And in the instances where a 3,000 pound vehicle collides with an 80,000 pound semi truck, the results can … Continue reading Blind to Danger

Elder Abuse

As our loved ones age they can become extremely dependent on others due to a foggy memory, increased frailty, loss of motor skills, or other effects of old age. This can mean relocating the elderly to a “home,” or hiring a live-in caregiver to assist with daily tasks. In some of these situations the elderly … Continue reading Elder Abuse