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Time to Tailgate Responsibly

This weekend marks the beginning of a new NFL football season. You can expect watercooler talk about team rivalries, constant gossip about player injuries, and more drunk drivers on the road each Sunday. Don’t think football season affects the road? Well, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported in 2012 that 43% of all traffic … Continue reading Time to Tailgate Responsibly

In Case of Emergency

In the chaos of a car accident, you can be incapacitated, incoherent, or otherwise kept from contacting your emergency contacts. It is obviously important to notify loved ones of your condition and location in the event of a car accident or other emergency, but when incapacitated, it is impossible to do so. In order to … Continue reading In Case of Emergency

New Year, No DUI

The end of the year means more cocktail parties, gift exchange events and late-night get-togethers. These events will likely involve some amount of festive alcoholic beverages and, in turn, the risk of getting a DUI drastically increases during the holiday season. According to the NHTSA, during the Christmas and New Year period, the average number of … Continue reading New Year, No DUI