Personal Injury Settlement

Will I Receive More Money if I Have a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There is an excellent chance that you will receive more money for your lawsuit if you have a personal injury attorney. If you do not have the necessary knowledge of the law and what you may receive compensation for, you risk settling for less. A personal injury lawyer has the tools and resources you need to win the compensation you deserve in your personal injury settlement.

Not Having A Personal Injury Lawyer Could Hurt You

Have you recently suffered a personal injury, and you aren’t sure about the next steps? Are you afraid to hire a lawyer because you have concerns about the legal fees associated with most personal injury attorneys? Most attorneys will advise against you representing yourself for your own personal injury claims. There are so many rules and regulations that you must abide by that you may not be aware of. The best way to navigate a personal injury claim is with professional help. Here are the specifics on why hiring a personal injury lawyer is the best course of action:

What Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Do That a Regular Person Cannot?

Personal Injury

A personal injury attorney has the proper knowledge to negotiate on your behalf. It is best to hire a lawyer because they also have the time and resources to meet specific deadlines that you may not be able to meet. For example, you may need to be present in the courtroom for several different hearings that occur when you need to work. Your attorney has a dedicated team who will ensure that all deadlines and meetings are met to keep your case moving smoothly.

In addition to the knowledge needed to negotiate on your behalf, attorneys have the proper courtroom etiquette if your personal injury case goes to trial. No judge will want to deal with an unrepresented plaintiff who does not understand the court proceedings.

Another factor is that personal injury attorneys know how to communicate with the judges and the other party’s attorneys. Unless you are in the courtroom often, you won’t know how to communicate with the other attorneys present or the judge involved in the case. Your attorney is also well versed in other types of damages that you claim in addition to your personal injuries and property damages.

What Are the Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer?

There are many advantages of hiring a personal injury lawyer from a reputable law firm. Your attorney has experience dealing with cases similar to yours, so they know what to do to ensure your medical bills and other possible damages are well taken care of.Your attorney will make sure that their team has all the information they need to properly litigate and win your case while you rest and focus on healing your body.

Your attorney will gather these important assets on your behalf:

    • The police report
    • Any applicable photographs
    • Official government reports
    • Witness statements
    • Surveillance footage
    • Medical treatment history
    • Medical records
    • Medical bills
    • Crucial insurance information
    • Crucial information regarding the other party

Your attorney will gather all that information to create a detailed demand package to send to the proper insurance company. Your attorney will then enter settlement negotiations with the insurance claims adjuster and fight to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Your Attorney Is Objective

Car accidents and other personal injury accidents can cause you much pain, frustration, emotional upheaval, and confusion. This type of trauma may make it hard for you to make the right decisions. Your attorney is objective to the case, meaning that they don’t have the same emotional attachment to the case like you do. This objectiveness makes your attorney the right person to handle your claim on your behalf because they can separate facts from feelings.The attorney understands what would happen if your case went to court and is therefore able to know what a fair out of court settlement would be.

Proper Medical Attention.

Contacting your personal injury law attorney early in the process of your accident injuries case will ensure that you receive the proper medical attention you need. Your attorney will make sure that you see the right professionals, and they can step in if they suspect any medical malpractice throughout your treatment plan. Your personal injury attorney will make sure that you receive the long term care you deserve.

What Tactics Do Insurance Companies Employ That a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help With?

As much as we hope and wish that insurance companies will pay what they owe for your injury claim, that isn’t always the case. Insurance companies employ claims adjusters to review and handle your case on behalf of the insurance company. Since these adjusters represent the insurer, they will do whatever they need to do to protect the interest of their employer.

These adjusters will also work to protect the interest of their insured even if their insureds are the negligent parties involved in the loss. With that said, the insurance company will only pay what they find reasonable for injury victims.

Insurance companies know that you are vulnerable and want to quickly make you a settlement offer so they can complete their files. Many adjusters will play on the fact that you want to hurry up and close out the case, and they will try to give you a lowball offer.Your personal injury attorney knows about these tactics, and insurance companies know that they can’t use that strategy on an attorney.

How Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Calculate Pain and Suffering?

Pain and suffering damages differ from physical injuries because it is an intangible damage. Pain and suffering refers to the emotional and physical distress that a person suffers after their accident.Pain and suffering examples:

      • Traumatic stress
      • Fear
      • Grief
      • Depression
      • Loss of enjoyment

Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me Reach a Settlement Faster?

Once your attorney reviews your case, they will be able to give you a ballpark idea of how long it will take to settle your case. Not all personal injury cases are the same, so your case may settle faster than other different personal injury cases. The length of time that your case will take also depends on the severity of your injuries. If your case is worth going to trial and your attorney believes that this route is best for you, they will let you know.

How Much Money Am I Leaving on the Table if I Do Not Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

You leave a considerable amount of money on the table if you do not hire a personal lawyer. Your attorney knows what other damages you can claim for your case based on the severity of your injury and the strength of your case. As mentioned earlier, insurance companies prey on unrepresented individuals who aren’t aware of the types of damages they can receive compensation for.

Collier & Collier Is the Best Choice for Your Case

Going head-to-head with an insurance company is no easy task, especially when trying to heal from your injuries. Hiring a personal injury attorney who can provide a different perspective and fight for what you deserve is the right decision in this type of situation. Partnering with a reputable attorney with a track record for winning similar cases to yours will guarantee that you receive the proper compensation. If you are looking for a highly regarded and knowledgeable legal team to have on your side, contact us now. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to serve you, and we offer free no-obligation initial case evaluations.